Anthony's 50th Birthday!!

Anthony's 50th Birthday!!

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of $2,500 goal
  • est. 66 people will get clean water
  • 196 days left to donate
Mission Statement

This campaign was created to celebrate the 50th Birthday of Anthony Velasquez, and was initiated with a $50 donation in the name of each of the 50 people named here, to represent Anthony's 50 years of life thus far:

Kryn and Marilyn Bosland
Angelo and Christine Velasquez
Mike and Brandee Velasquez
Kevin and Christina Lynch
Shawn and Jenn Niece
Ari and Mandy Cohn
Ellen Shurman
Leo and Kourtney Abatangelo
Rob Cottrell
Saagar Parikh
John Braun
Mike Carey
Mike Lau
Maureen Lynch
Marc and Theresa Speece
Eduardo and Marilu Serrano
Chris Mastergeorge
Stephanie Hamling Fifield
Debbie Schwartz Phillips
John and Mary Lou Ruiz
Jessica Lynn Burch
Calvin Yu
Patrick and Betsy Greenleaf
Tom and Serena Halm
Steve and Rose Griegel
Michael Bonner
Maeve Cannon
Eddie Jiminez
Dena Tahmoosh Skeffington
Christina Fournier
David Localio
James Tahiri
Jeff Tahiri
Jacques Brutus
Dave Bain
Brett Morris
Caitlin Oliveira
Chris and Halina Moyer
Marc and Maria Lauer
Tony and Theresa White
Jenn Darvalics Scheeser
Erin Krol
Dan Magee
Mike and Jules Peters
Antonio and Tamara Wint
Michela Giovanna Tebano
Erika Vinciguerra
Joe and Lori Glebocki
Steven Beyda
Mary Bohny VanEk

If you wish to add your own donation to this campaign, you are invited to do so here! Peace, love and happiness!

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Updates and Comments

All donations made to Anthony’s campaign



Anthony L. Velasquez$2,500
Mike Lau$100
John Braun$50

Updates and Comments

Diseases from unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation kill more people every year than all forms of violence, including war. Your donation will help change that.