This campaign closed on Dec 31, 2013 Carly Cott brought clean water to Bandaguda.

Carly Cott

Bailey loves a bowl of clean water...

organized by Carly Cott

Help Carly give the gift of clean water. 100% of every donation raised will fund charity: water's work providing access to clean water projects around the world.





Why Carly Cott is fundraising for clean water

Bailey loves many things: wiffle balls, Sabrina's cell phone, and dressing up for Halloween. But among her long list of favorites, Bailey REALLY loves a bowl of clean water after a walk (and then dribbling that water all over the floor).

Bailey is so passionate about water, in fact, that this September she is joining charity: water to provide clean water to people living in Orissa, India. Pretty neat, huh?

It's true, humans and dogs alike can all help solve the water crisis. $450 will provide clean water to an entire family. That's less than the cost of 10 grooming sessions!

100% of everything we raise will directly fund water projects. And when those projects are finished, charity: water will send us proof in pictures and GPS coordinates, so we can see the actual people and communities we impacted.

Bailey's Petsmart modeling career may be over, but her impact on the world is only just beginning. Donate to her charity: water campaign today and let's bring clean water to a family in Orissa!

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This campaign brought clean water to Bandaguda, India.

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