This campaign closed on Dec 27, 2009 Chris Zavadowski brought clean water to Adi Chigar Elementary and 1 other project.

Chris Zavadowski

Chris Zavadowski's Very Merry Fundraising Event

organized by Chris Zavadowski

Help Chris give the gift of clean water. 100% of every donation raised will fund charity: water's work providing access to clean water projects around the world.





Why Chris Zavadowski is fundraising for clean water


Donate $50 or more on this page by the deadline and you can get the entire 5-hour indexed *video* recording of this year's Customer Appreciation All-Star Webinar (see the raving comments below), the video recording of last year's 4-Hour Customer Appreciation All-Content Webinar, and a 1-Hour presentation I did at the Underground Online Seminar all about Outsourcing Strategies.

All for just a $50 donation - to help people have clean water and LIFE.

Here's what to do now:

STEP 1: Click the "Donate" button on THIS page.

STEP 2: Donate $50 (or more) right away - the campaign deadline is fast approaching.

STEP 3: Forward your email receipt to us at and we'll get you access to all the goodies.

That's it! Please donate, and spread the word. We've already helped THREE villages and 750 people - can you please help us make it 1,000 by Christmas?


UPDATE: We just hit the $5,000 goal - let's hit $10,000 and build TWO wells this holiday! :)

UPDATE: We hit our $10,000 goal DURING the event - we're now pushing to $15,000 to build *THREE* wells for 750 people! Let's do it together!

UPDATE: We hit our $15,000 goal DURING the event with speaker pledges - we're now pushing to $20,000 to build *FOUR* wells for 1000 people! Let's do it together!

The holidays - a time for family, comfort and love.

Joy to the world, right?

Here's the reality, though, of the Christmas and Hanukkah season in our world....

More than a billion people are living without water on our planet. Some walk miles every day to get to the nearest source: a stagnant, parasite-infested stream or pond. They lug it back to their families. They suffer from diseases. 45,000 people die *each day* from waterborne illnesses.

This holiday, I want to give more than just gifts that fit in boxes. I want to give people life - and I'd love for YOU to be part of it.

You see, to truly celebrate the holidays, each year I host an annual "Customer Appreciation" webinar event (as well as a special Christmas party in the DC area where my the price of admission is a charity donation). Instead of asking for gifts at my party, or trying to sell something on the webinar - it's ALL about giving back...and supporting a GREAT cause.

And for this year's webinar event, not only are we supporting Charity Water and an awesome cause, but I'm bringing in the world's top business minds to share strategies and methods for skyrocketing your income in 2010! For every attendee at the FREE, LIVE webinar - I donate $1 to charity. In fact, with the help of attendees and guests last year we raised over $8,000 for!

So why not help out and do something that will truly make a difference this holiday season? :)

My mission is to raise $5,000 by Christmas this year - enough to build a new village well, and help 250+ people! The cool part is 100% of every penny we raise will go directly to the water projects. And every project is "proved" using GPS technology and photos and put on Google Earth. Together, you and I will be able to see the impact we've made.

One billion people, one cause. The least we can do is give people another year to enjoy life. Plus - helping them LIVE means they'll have the chance to become entrepreneurs and have a big impact in this world!

Please join me by donating, posting this to your Twitter and Facebook pages (by using the "ShareThis" link up top)...and by attending the totally free "Customer Appreciation" event I'm hosting in December:

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    David Hipp
    donated $50 to Chris Zavadowski's Very Merry Fundraising Event 
    Editedover 8 years ago

    Great webinar, and great cause!

    Be Well!
    ECS Dave

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    donated $200 to Chris Zavadowski's Very Merry Fundraising Event 
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    Thank you for organizing this effort, Chris. A blessed Christmas, Karen G

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    Anonymous donated $412 to Chris Zavadowski's Very Merry Fundraising Event
    over 14 years ago
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    Rubin Wald donated $50 to Chris Zavadowski's Very Merry Fundraising Event
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    Gordon Miketon
    donated $50 to Chris Zavadowski's Very Merry Fundraising Event 
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    I will donate 50% of all the profits from every Water Ionizer I sell on my website from now till the end of the year, to Charity water.Not only that, you get a very educational 10 minute video as well as a 14 page e-book telling you about alkaline, ionized water, with no obligation.Go to My web site now, and enter Charity Water in brackets next to your name when you order one. You get a chance to win a free set of replacement filters. And it gets even better,if I sell 50 by the end of the year There will be a random draw for a free Ionizer.Do you understand what this means? Every one who orders, not only helps Charity water, but gets a chance to win their purchase. At least 100.00 goes to help this very wonderful cause.And you get the cleanest and best water available.Go to my website now
    Even if you purchase after Dec. 31st. just include Charity water and I'll donate a portion of that to charity water.Check this out now
    you'll be glad you did.Thanks, and have a great Christmas season.

This campaign brought clean water to Adi Chigar Elementary, Ethiopia and 1 other project.

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