This campaign closed on Mar 31, 2017 DonandMerit brought clean water to Kirina.


Winter/spring 2017

organized by DonandMerit

Help DonandMerit give the gift of clean water. 100% of every donation raised will fund charity: water's work providing access to clean water projects around the world.





Why DonandMerit is fundraising for clean water

When we launched DonandMerit we knew we wanted to make a great looking shirt, that is ethically produced and that will provide a sustainable income for a cause that we feel very strongly about - providing every person on the planet with access to clean water.

That's why we donate $5 to charity: water each time we sell one of our shirts.

Please help us make an impact on the water crisis by buying one of our shirts or by donating directly to our campaign.

Thank you so very much!
Johanna & Joan
Founders DonandMerit

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This campaign brought clean water to Kirina, Mali.

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