This campaign closed on Dec 31, 2020 Max Cable brought clean water to Tangora.

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Help Max give the gift of clean water. 100% of every donation raised will fund charity: water's work providing access to clean water projects around the world.





Why Max Cable is fundraising for clean water

Hi! I was excited up to run my first ever marathon: NYC, running for charity:water's official team ... but it was postponed to next year (still looking forward to it!).

In the meantime, I've signed up for the Mount Desert Island marathon in Bar Harbor, ME. It's a much, much smaller marathon, let's hope this one holds!

-EDIT- MDI was cancelled (along with all other races), so I will be running solo!

While I plan on going bigger for NYC, figured any first-ever marathon is a great excuse to raise a little money for an amazing cause!

I first learned about this incredible organization when Scott Harrison came to speak at a Zappos event; this mission continues to inspire me. We are so lucky to not have to worry about where our next clean glass of water comes from; everyone deserves safe and accessible water as a basic human right. Countless people (mostly women) are forced to spend hours per day hauling (unsafe) water for their families. Access to clean water = safety and freedom.

You and I can't raise enough money to end the problem - but what we can do is take a small number of people, and change their lives dramatically for the better. On average, it costs charity:water $40 to give one person in a developing country permanent access to clean water ... just FORTY DOLLARS. That's incredible.

I am donating the first $200 to my campaign; even better, Nike will match this amount - and any others by Nike folks :). The match won't tally in my total, but still pretty cool.

My goal for the campaign is to raise an additional $1,000 - and that's where you come in. Between me, you, and the Nike match - if we can get to $1,400, that would mean permanent access to clean water for 35 people! A pretty damn cool reason to run 26.2 miles, right?

Thanks for reading!

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    Margaret and Peter Erdelyi
    donated $75 to max-runs-a-marathon 
    over 3 years ago

    Hi Max, I am so impressed you ran 26 miles. I get tired driving 26 miles. It's a shame we need to donate money so people can have clean water, but that's what kind of world we live in these days. Anyway, congratulations, and thanks for pciking a really worthy cause.

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    bruce donated $122 to max-runs-a-marathon
    over 3 years ago
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    donated $60 to max-runs-a-marathon 
    over 3 years ago

    forgot that i already donated but already spent this much energy finding this page so here we are again

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    T-Pain donated $26.20 to max-runs-a-marathon
    over 3 years ago
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    Anonymous donated $40 to max-runs-a-marathon
    over 3 years ago

This campaign brought clean water to Tangora, Burkina Faso.

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