This campaign closed on Nov 11, 2011 Rob Lutter brought clean water to Geretali.

Rob Lutter

The LifeCycle

organized by Rob Lutter

Help Rob give the gift of clean water. 100% of every donation raised will fund charity: water's work providing access to clean water projects around the world.





Why Rob Lutter is fundraising for clean water

The LifeCycle is a 13,000+km round-the-world cyclophotography adventure. In September 2011 I will have set off on my bike, a couple of bags and a camera for the other side of the earth. My aim is to reach New Zealand by next Christmas and, hopefully, come back via America.

Sounds extreme?! Well, it's all in aid of Charity: Water. Helping to build clean water supplies for those in developing nations and third worlds across the globe.

For me, it's easy, the charity is focused and clear. You can see where your donations are taken: money = wells = water = life. It simple, direct and is a solution to the root cause of so many other problems that other charities are trying to tackle, like disease and education. I hope to reach Cambodia with enough money raised for at least one village well build. There are 6 billion people in the world, 1 billion live without clean drinking water. This can change and 100% of your donations go straight to solving this problem.

This is a huge trip. Please follow it at Please donate as much as you can to help the cause. During those long hours, alone on the saddle, riding through rain and snow, it will be knowing that all the while I will be helping to save lives which will keep me going and get me to the finish line.

Thank You.

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  • J
    John Ottaway
    donated $30 to The LifeCycle 
    Editedalmost 9 years ago

    Happy tail winds Rob, a truly inspiring undertaking and a worthy cause.

  • W
    Warren Harrison
    donated $30 to The LifeCycle 
    Editedalmost 9 years ago

    Go Rob!

  • P
    Patricio Lopetegui Moreno
    donated $10 to The LifeCycle 
    Editedalmost 9 years ago

    Hi Rob! It's me Patricio from Chile and we met in Split. Sorry for the amount, I cant more because I'm studying for a long period and I dont have much money, but when I met you and check your blog, I really realize your adventure. Keep on , keep on, and if you want to stop... KEEP ON. Remember at the end , you realize what have you done.
    Take care!

  • K
    Kim Kemp
    donated $100 to The LifeCycle 
    Editedalmost 9 years ago

    Our son Brian Kemp, met up with you on his and your travels and told us all about you. This is a very worthwhile cause. Thank you for taking it on and good luck with your ride !!

  • D
    Dorothea Triantafyllou donated $40 to The LifeCycle
    over 12 years ago

This campaign brought clean water to Geretali, Ethiopia.

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