This campaign closed on May 28, 2013 Run It Fast brought clean water to Bhagiram Khola.

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Help Run It Fast give the gift of clean water. 100% of every donation raised will fund charity: water's work providing access to clean water projects around the world.





Why Run It Fast is fundraising for clean water

Imagine if you had no clean water. Imagine walking hours (not for fun, recreation, or a race) to the nearest river to collect water for your family -- water that’s not even clean. Imagine giving that water to your kids.

Run It Fast - The Club is comprised of runners from all over the United States and world that always have water. We complain when we don't have it every 2 miles at our races.

So Run It Fast Club members are donating to our Charity Water campaign with small and large donations in connection with our training and races to try to raise money to build a well in a developing country to provide water for 500 people who currently don't have clean drinking water.

While this might seem unimaginable to us, it's a reality for 800 million people in developing countries.

After learning more about charity: water's work, we know we can make a difference in the global water crisis. We're supporting charity: water to help build clean water projects for people in need.

Two Run It Fast Members, Joshua Holmes and Naresh Kumar, were able to raise nearly $7,000.00 two years ago, in connection with the Vol State 500k, that built a well and provided clean drinking water to over 300 people.

Please help us by donating on this page.

100% of the money we raise will go directly water project costs, funding long-lasting clean water solutions for people in need. When the projects are finished, charity: water will show us the exact communities we've helped using photos and GPS coordinates.

Please join Run It Fast - The Club and help give clean water!

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This campaign brought clean water to Bhagiram Khola, Nepal.

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Run It Fast’s reported impact to date

Run It Fast has partially funded 7 projects.

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