So far, 246 fundraisers have made it possible to give 1,414 people the gift of clean water. Join them.

This campaign closed on Nov 24, 2011 The Smile Generation brought clean water to Virginia Clay.

Keep Trucking Baby

Keep Trucking Baby

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Mission Statement

The Smile Generation performs more CEREC CAD/CAM crowns than anybody in the world. So we think it's fitting to help transform the world in return and we're looking for anyone that wants to join us.

Last year we commited over $91,000 to the charity: water/unshaken program to help the village of Kampech in Haiti. We also raised over $30,000 to help the people of Ethiopia.

This year after having spent an amazing 10 days last October serving the people of Addis Ababa we are putting all of our resources to help the people of Ethiopia.

To learn more about the Smile Generation and our heart to serve visit or like us on facebook at

So far in 2011 we have given $226,000 to impact the water crisis. We're heading back to Ethiopia in September to make an impact by providing dentistry, we want to raise money to provide them water as well.

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This campaign brought clean water to Virginia Clay, Ethiopia.

Drilling Rig

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The Smile Generation$7,705
The Smile Generation$7,702
The Smile Generation$7,702
The Smile Generation$7,702
The Smile Generation$4,257

Updates and Comments

You fundraised, donated and came to a birthday party -- all to help us raise money for two new drilling rigs in Tigray, Ethiopia. Each rig will go on to drill 80 new wells, and together they'll change 80,000 lives -- every single year for the next 15 years.