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Let's support sustainable clean water solutions
I joined the charity: water community in 2012 to help end the water crisis. Please consider joining me to support charity: water. 100% of your donation goes to clean water.
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About charity: water
charity: water is a nonprofit organization bringing clean and safe water to people around the world. We work with local partners to implement sustainable, community-owned water projects and prove each one with photos and GPS coordinates.
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    donated $60 to Aimee's 35th Birthday 
    12 months ago

    Happy Birthday

  • G
    donated $50 to Aimee's 35th Birthday 
    12 months ago

    I think it's great you keep this birthday tradition going! XO

  • Aimee Sire
    posted an update to Aimee's 35th Birthday 
    almost 1 year ago

    Hey everyone!

    I started donating my birthday to charity:water when I was 25, it's crazy to think this is my 11th campaign! The generosity of family and friends has helped me raise over $4,400. This year I am asking friends and family again to donate to charity:water instead of giving me presents. My goal of $300 is enough to get 7 people clean water. How awesome is that?

    Let's make this the best birthday ever and bring as much clean water to people as we can!

  • Aimee Sire
    Aimee Sire donated $50 to Aimee's 35th Birthday
    almost 1 year ago
    Aimee responded

    Happy Birthday to Me!

  • Georgios GeorgiouSpring
    Georgios donated $25 to Aimee's 34th Birthday
    almost 2 years ago
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