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What would you do for clean water? For the 703 million people living without it, the answer is anything. And they do: they walk miles every day, in treacherous conditions and extreme heat, just to access water that makes them sick — or worse.

That’s why I’m doing this fundraiser. charity: water challenged me to do something to help those who would do anything for water that’s safe to drink.

Please support my campaign. Every $40 I raise will provide a lifetime of clean water to one person. Most importantly, 100% of every dollar you donate will go directly to providing the life-changing gift of clean water where it’s needed most. charity: water will even report back with details of where your money went, and how it’s helping.

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Friends: imagine having to walk miles in the hot sun *every day* just to collect *dirty drinking water* for you & your family. Your only option is to hope or pray it doesn't make you sick.

Let's stop this insanity! Every dollar makes a difference 💖

When we raise $600, we provide a *lifetime* of clean water for 15 people... and I KNOW I've got 15 friends willing to donate $40 each (or 30 friends donating $20 each, or 300 friends donating just $2 each...or ANY combination thereof!)

With 3,800 lives being lost daily to the impacts of the water crisis, the craziest thing any of us could do is nothing. Your donation will mean the world to at least one other human being on this planet 🌍

Thank you for ANY support you're able to offer!

~ Kelly xo

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