Laura's Birthday Donation

Laura's Birthday Donation

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Mission Statement

In honor of my 50th Birthday this year, I ask you not to send me cards, take me to dinner or even a birhtday cake. I would prefer you send a small donation to charity water instead. A fast food meal at Mc. Donalds costs around $5.00. You can help give clean water to a child for an entire year. $5. will not make or break you, but it could save a childs life. Please donate!

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This campaign brought clean water to Yellow Thunder, Ethiopia.

Drilling Rig

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Laura Newton$10

You fundraised, donated and came to a birthday party -- all to help us raise money for two new drilling rigs in Tigray, Ethiopia. Each rig will go on to drill 80 new wells, and together they'll change 80,000 lives -- every single year for the next 15 years.