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For 13 years I've been raising money to help solve the global water crisis. I spent my early years growing up in Ethiopia before I was adopted and I know firsthand what it's like to drink dirty water... my brother isn't with us anymore because of the water we drank.

It simply doesn't have to be this way. I'm turning 18 this month, and feel like there's no better way to celebrate being alive and healthy than continuing to raise awareness and money to support clean water efforts around the world.

Would you consider donating to my 18th birthday campaign? $40 provides 1 person with clean water. Every little bit helps me towards my goal of raising $5,000 by the end of December.

Oh, also? 100% of your donation goes directly to the field to provide clean water because Charity Water is awesome that way. :)

To date, and with your help, I have raised close to $48,000 for clean water efforts and am excited to see that number go well above the 50k mark with this campaign! Thank you for helping families around the world have access to the clean water they deserve!

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  • V
    Lovey’s granddaughter
    donated $40 to Tariku's 18th Birthday  
    1 hour ago

    My grandmother lived on social security and a small pension. She was so generous and always found a way to donate to as many charities as possible. I want to begin doing the same. Happy Birthday young man! May God bless you with all you could ever desire in this life for your obedience, faith, drive, and kindness. Peace and love from Connecticut 💕

  • Jim & Kathy Savage donated $60 to Tariku's 18th Birthday
    4 hours ago
  • B
    The Armstrong Family
    donated $100 to Tariku's 18th Birthday  
    1 day ago

    Tariku, we are so proud to have watched you grow to an amazing young man and leader. God had great things in store for you after high school, and hopefully you can put your time and energy to even more humanitarian work!!

  • D
    Dianna Harris
    donated $50 to Tariku's 18th Birthday  
    1 day ago

    Wishing you the greatest 18th birthday and a wonderful year ahead. I’m so proud of you big T!

  • J
    Aunt Judy donated $50 to Tariku's 18th Birthday
    1 day ago
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  • The Smokers
    $1,000 · 3 days ago
  • Julie S.
    $180 · 3 days ago
  • Anonymous
    $100 · 3 days ago
  • Aunt Kelly
    $100 · 3 days ago
  • Scott harrison
    $100 · 3 days ago
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