Tom Rosengreen
Let's end the water crisis in our lifetime
Sup Legends, I am running to raise money for Charity: Water. My intention is to raise awareness for the worlds ultra-poor, and to promote healthy living through exercise. Any donations would be greatly appreciated, Cheers!
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charity: water is a nonprofit organization bringing clean and safe water to people around the world. We work with local partners to implement sustainable, community-owned water projects and prove each one with photos and GPS coordinates.
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  • Tom Rosengreen
    left an update 
    about 1 year ago

    Arrived in Barcelona! 14 hours till the starting gun!

  • S
    donated $50 to Tom’s Run For Water 
    about 1 year ago

    I'm proud of you ❤️

  • Tom Rosengreen
    Marcus Carter donated $10 to Tom’s Run For Water
    about 1 year ago
  • Lorenz StraubeSpring
    Lorenz S.
    donated $45 to Tom’s Run For Water 
    over 1 year ago

    Good luck and much fun on your upcoming marathon... Great cause!

    Tom responded

    Thank You Lorenz! I appreciate the support!

  • A
    Anonymous donated $40 to Tom’s Run For Water
    over 1 year ago
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