It takes about £8,000 to fund clean water for one community
£6,840.40 raised for
community #26/200

grows where water flows

Give the gift of clean water and you’ll provide a basic human right, one that is still out of reach for nearly 1 in 10 people on the planet. Without clean water, cycles of poverty, illness, and limited opportunities persist. But with it? Communities — and all the people within them — begin to thrive.
This festive season, you can help 200 communities gain access to the clean water they deserve. Give £30 to bring clean water to one person, or £180 to provide clean water for a family. No matter how much you give, 100% will fund community-owned water projects around the world.
It takes about £8,000 to fund clean water for one community
£6,840.40 raised for
community #26/200
How does clean water help communities?
We could tell you all about how clean water impacts communities for the better. Or we could take you to Ambote so you can see the transformation for yourself.
You can’t plug Ambote’s address into a device and expect turn-by-turn directions. You have to forge your own path up, up, up high into the mountaintops of Nepal. Across rivers. Over washed-out paths that used to be roads. Through mercilessly bumpy and rugged terrain. The ultra-remote location limits what can come in — technology, building materials, personnel — and who can venture out.
That was then. This is now.
In 2013, our local partner in Nepal began constructing a massive gravity-fed piped water system to capture spring water from the mountains and deliver it down to tap stands throughout the community.
Ten years later, the evidence of change is everywhere. You’ll find it in empty clinic beds, full classrooms, and the contented smiles of everyone who calls Ambote home.
Dr. Ram
In 2010, the local health clinic in Ambote was seeing more than 700 patients per month and treating over 2,200 cases of diarrhea. During our last visit in October 2023, the only patients at the clinic were there for a sprained ankle and a mild fever. There wasn’t a single waterborne illness to be found.
“I worked at the health post in Ambote for 20 years. There used to be about 35 patients daily with water-related illnesses — 90% of patients in the hospital. Our recent data from all the health posts and hospitals under this municipality suggest a steep decline in waterborne disease cases.”
– Dr. Ram, Senior Assistant Health Post Worker
Netra was keenly aware of the challenges his students faced before their school received access to clean water. He was once a student here himself. But these days, once-empty classrooms are now full — so full that the school recently expanded to a brand new building. (And yes, that is a digital blackboard behind him.)
“Previously, the environment in our village and school was not healthy. It was almost like a pandemic due to dirty water. But with access to clean water, the situation has changed drastically for the better.”
– Netra, Teacher
Chaya Devi
78-year-old Chaya Devi has lived in Ambote long enough to witness the full scope of transformation that began in 2013 and continues to this day. Perhaps the greatest gift? Hours upon hours of time saved — time her grandchildren will never have to spend collecting water.
“I can still recall the days when water was scarce for us. We had to embark on long journeys to the distant stream, hoping to meet our daily water needs. Now, I am fortunate that we have the convenience of water right in our homes. My grandchildren no longer have to endure the hardships I experienced in search of clean water. The changes I've witnessed in our water access reflect the progress in our community.”
– Chaya Devi, Grandmother
As the secretary of his community’s water committee, Tulsi helps manage the water system, which includes collecting monthly fees that are put into savings for future repairs. He understands what it takes to keep the water point running, and, as a father, he also understands what it gives: Opportunities for his family that he never could have imagined.
“Life was definitely not easy back in those days. We had to struggle to get even one container of clean water. Now, things are different. Children have grown up and have moved to the city for further studies. They don't need to go through the hardship we went through just for water. They can pursue their dreams.”
– Tulsi, Father and Community Leader
The Freedom to Move Forward
Anyone raised in a small town can understand the allure of city life, and all the opportunities that come with it. Clean water not only gave 21-year-old Kishore the essentials he needed to move forward — more time, better health, the chance to go to school — it also gave him the peace of mind he needed to move on.
“I have memories of accompanying my mother on our walks to the river to collect water. The water was often murky, filled with frogs and tadpoles, yet it was our only source. We had no choice but to accept it.
“However, times have changed dramatically. We now have water right at our doorstep, saving us an immense amount of time. Presently, I'm pursuing my studies in the city while my parents remain in our village. I take comfort in the fact that they no longer have to fret over securing clean water. Sometimes, when I face water shortages in the city, my thoughts drift back to my village, and I'm reminded of how far we've come.”
– Kishore, College Student
Give the gift that keeps giving, and giving, and giving
When clean water starts to flow through a community, it never arrives empty-handed. It brings more time, better health, and bigger opportunities, giving remote communities like Ambote their long-awaited chance to thrive.
This festive season, your support can make a difference. Your £30 gift can bring clean water to someone like Kishore, or provide clean water for a family like Tulsi’s for £180. With every £8,000 raised, we can give clean water to one community (approximately 250 people).
Thanks to generous private donors who fund our operational costs, you can give with confidence, knowing that 100% of your gift will fund clean water.
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On average, water projects start at £8,000 and can cost up to £20,000 or more, depending on the location and project type. Our team will connect your gift to a specific water project and share progress reports along the way.
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