This Festive Season

Help bring clean water to 5,000 families

Clean water means health, education, and opportunity. For families, it’s the foundation for a stronger generation.

It takes about £180 to bring clean water to one family , but no matter how much you’re able to give, 100% of your donation will always fund clean water.

250 / 5,000

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How does clean water help families?


Imagine spending hours every day searching for water.

Then imagine the water you’ve worked so hard to collect makes you and your family sick. Your family has now lost time and health, and without either, there’s little room for school, work, or making progress on your dreams.


But with clean water, everything changes.

charity: water works with local partners to implement sustainable, community-owned water projects in remote communities. Since 2006, thanks to our local partners and over a million supporters, we’ve brought clean and safe water to more than 13 million people around the world.

We could tell you all about the difference clean water makes. But we’d rather let one special community show you instead.

12 years with clean water

In 2009, this rural community in northern Uganda was home to a few hundred people who struggled to get through each day with limited access to water.

Today, after 12 years with a clean water project, it’s a bustling centre of commerce. It’s home to doughnut makers and seamstresses. Farms with herds of livestock. And something we’ve never seen in a rural community: paved roads and power lines.

Chosen family

The legacy of Helen Apio

For Helen, the impact of clean water stretched far beyond her own life, and even that of her own family. With hours of each day back, she had time to invest in her extended family: her community in northern Uganda.


Stories from families

Before and after clean water



“People no longer fall sick like they used to. People would bathe with dirty water. They never used to wash their clothes frequently. However these days, I see people washing clothes. They also use it to cook food, and it's delicious.”



“The water point came. Building and construction followed. Then electricity came. And now businesses continue to boom. In this community, I teach people to stick together. I also teach about sanitation, hygiene, and cleanliness at home. When you educate someone, they can support themselves.”


Store Owner

“Before, life was not good. The water was not clean. Diseases were so prevalent. When I gave birth to my firstborn, she often fell sick. Now that we have the water point, there are a lot of changes. When you go to fetch water, you will find clean water.”



“Children are concentrating on their studies and they are healthy. Even us, the people who drink the water, are healthy. I am aging gracefully because I am now 70 years of age. I drink clean water. I don’t get stomach problems like I used to in the past.”

Meet the next generation

Born into a better world

Every child pictured here was born after clean water came. With better health, more time, access to education and endless opportunities, they represent the dreams of all who came before.

Help more families get clean water

These families have been completely transformed, but millions more are still waiting for their chance to thrive. This festive season, you can help.

The gift of clean water changes a family’s future. It takes about £180 to bring clean water to one family , but any amount you’re able to give will impact generations to come.


250/ 5,000

est.families served

Bring clean water to the next community

Inspired by Helen’s community? Sponsor a water project and give another community or school the same opportunity to flourish.

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