Project preparation

At the start

Program cycle begins

Our giving year is split into two halves: January 1st - June 30th and July 1st - December 31st. We prepare to send your donation to the field at the completion of the half in which you give.

At 6 months

Our partners prepare

Before construction begins, our partners do extensive research and prep work, get permits and supplies, and partner with local communities to ensure long-term sustainability.

You get Update 1!

Project progress

At 6-9 months

Construction & evaluation

Construction is underway! Our partners collect midterm reports and send us information on project progress.

At 12 months

Construction concludes

Our partners finish the work and train local communities to use and maintain their water points.

You get Update 2!

Project completion

At 12-15 months

Final data collection

Our partners collect photos and GPS coordinates of the completed projects and send information about the specific communities you've served.

At 21 months

Our final review

We verify all of the final data from our partners and prepare your report. It's time to celebrate!

You get your Completion Report!

See an example of the completion report you'll receive when your project is finished.