This campaign closed on Dec 31, 2019 This campaign closed on Dec 31, 2019 and $185.45 is hard at work in Madagascar.

Watches for Water w/ Well Watches

Watches for Water w/ Well Watches

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  • est. 6 people will get clean water
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Mission Statement

We’re a company with a mission, we created an initial run of watches to build a brand that not only has incredibly stylish offerings but also has an amazing social impact.

With the idea of giving clean water to a person in an under developed country for every item we sell.

Our initial production run is 100 watches, it takes $30 to get an individual clean water so $3,000 is our number. We will also be donating 20% of the proceeds from all other products.

We wanted to be as transparent as possible with showing customers directly where the funds go and loved the idea that they could check our our progress whenever they wanted!

100% of the money will be used to build clean water projects, and when they’re complete, charity: water will send us photos and GPS coordinates so we can see the exact community we helped.

*All donations made the following week by Well Watches from sales of watches and ancillary products.

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This campaign closed on Dec 31, 2019 and the money is being sent to the field. Still want to donate? You can give directly to charity: water.

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Well Watches #2$90
Well Watches #1$35.45
Well Watches - Carl Wilson$30
Well Watches #3$30

Diseases from unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation kill more people every year than all forms of violence, including war. Your donation will help change that.