Our Progress

We're passionate about solving the water crisis in our lifetime, using 100% of all public donations to fund water projects, and proving where every dollar goes with photos and GPS coordinates. Here's the progress we've made since we started working in 2006.


Water projects funded

This number represents all water projects funded by charity: water. It includes both completed projects and those that are still under construction. This number is dynamic, and we update it periodically as we receive current information from the field.


People will get clean water

This number represents the total number of people who will gain access to clean water as proposed and reported on by our implementing partners. This number is dynamic, and we update it periodically as we receive current information from the field.


Local partners

This number represents all the partners we've worked with throughout our history. Visit our partners section for a list of our current partners.



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Where we work

We fund water programs in 22 countries around the globe - in Africa, Asia, Central and South America. Water scarcity, poverty, political stability and strong partner organizations all play a part in where we choose to work. We focus on providing rural communities with their first access to clean water.

Stories from the field

Our time in the field gives us a personal view on what it's like to get clean water for the first time. The mothers, children and communities that we’ve met inspire our ideas and, often times, solutions. Every one of them has a story worth sharing.

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Meet Jean Bosco

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Meet Helen Apio

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Meet The Mechanics

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The Future Is Bright

We want to bring clean water to 100 million people by 2022. In order to make that happen, we need to increase the number of people we serve each year and ensure that their water keeps flowing.

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3 Million People in 2015

Every year, we set ambitious goals to raise more money and build more water projects. As we grow, so does our vision. We plan to bring clean water to 3 million people in 2015. That's as many people as we've served in our first six years combined, and we'll have to raise $100 million to do it, but that's how we're going to end the water crisis.


Remote Monitoring

To have truly sustainable water services, we need to ensure that maintenance and repair needs are being met and clean water keeps flowing. Thanks to the Google Global Impact Awards, we’re developing remote sensors that will tell us how much water is flowing through our water points at any given time, anywhere in the world. Learn more.