Let's make sure everyone has clean water
We joined the charity: water community in 2022 to help end the water crisis. Please consider joining us to support charity: water. 100% of your donation goes to clean water.
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charity: water is a nonprofit organisation bringing clean and safe water to people around the world. We work with local partners to implement sustainable, community-owned water projects and prove each one with photos and GPS coordinates.
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  • RAW LIVING MagicSpring
    donated £130 
    about 2 months ago

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  • A
    donated £50 
    3 months ago

    The thought of participating in this great charity fills me with joy. We, who have plenty (i live in Scotland), take water for granted. But no water is much worse than too much.

  • RAW LIVING MagicSpring
    Kate Magic donated £10
    3 months ago
  • RAW LIVING MagicSpring
    kate magic donated £10
    3 months ago
  • RAW LIVING MagicSpring
    donated £109 
    10 months ago

    For Earth Day April 22nd 2023, we are donating all our shipping revenue for that day.

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