Tyler Riewer

Tyler Riewer

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My wife, Michelle, and I are both charity: water employees. She works on our Programs team. I'm on the Creative team. We met at charity: water. Fell in love. Got married. And just had a baby (little Teddy). So now we're a family of three.


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  • Denny McFaddenSpring
    donated $45
    14 hours ago

    Love y’all

  • Sarah CohenSpring
    donated $60
    16 hours ago

    Congratulations on becoming parents to that sweet baby boy! Love the work that you both continue to do.

  • J
    Trevor Jackie and Leila
    donated $50
    17 hours ago

    You guys and charity water are incredible!!!

  • M
    The Lovely Family
    donated $100
    19 hours ago

    So proud of all the hard work y’all are doing! You’ve always given back so much, Michelle - what a great example for Teddy! Love, Mary

  • Drew SilvermanSpring
    donated $20
    19 hours ago

    Go Tyler, Michelle & Teddy!!

  • Lori Jacobwith
    donated $100
    22 hours ago

    Giving again to the campaign. This time in honor of your beautiful baby. So the world all children grow up into has what is needed.

  • Stephanie GoetzSpring
    donated $30
    1 day ago

    Yay Tyler, Michelle & Teddy!

  • F
    donated $40
    7 days ago

    Thanks Riewer family for working so hard for everyone to have clean water. Can't wait for Risto to meet Teddy! 💛

  • J
    Punchline Agency
    donated $100
    8 days ago

    Yes! (I wish I could say I washed more with all the baby vomit but let’s be honest..) Thank you for all your family does to make the world a better place. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Brady EssmannSpring
    donated $60
    8 days ago

    Love everything about this campaign, and your family. xo

Tyler's Impact

Tyler's donations and campaigns have funded 67 water projects. More work is underway in Mali, Sierra Leone, and Uganda. Hang tight — it takes about 21 months to build, implement, and then fully report back on a water project.

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About charity: water

charity: water is a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. Watch our film, The Spring, to learn more about our story.