This campaign closed on Nov 13, 2012 Rachel Beckwith brought clean water to Kabaraza (II) and 2 other projects.

Rachel Beckwith

Rachel for Rwanda

organized by Rachel Beckwith

Help Rachel give the gift of clean water. 100% of every donation raised will fund charity: water's work providing access to clean water projects around the world.





Why Rachel Beckwith is fundraising for clean water

I continue to be overwhelmed with gratitude and amazed by the outcome of Rachel's campaigns for clean drinking water. I'm still blown away with all the love and support we've received from around the world. My favorite part of the day is seeing the donations and reading the comments from all of you who have either heard Rachel's story the first time or continue to be inspired by her.

I was fortunate to get to see some of Rachel's wells first hand in Ethiopia last July and can't express how amazing the experience was. Seeing with my own eyes the need for clean water and the impact a well can bring a community has changed the way I view the world.

September has become one of my favorite months. Not only because of some amazing friends birthdays but because of the campaigns that celebrate them. This September campaign is no different. I look forward to seeing the difference in Rwanda that not only my money will make but all of yours as well.

I'm excited to be a part of Rwanda's future and look forward to continue on this path Rachel has laid before us. Thank you.


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    donated $30 to Rachel for Rwanda 
    Editedover 8 years ago

    Making this donation in honor of Rachel and family. I hope her wish will continue to bless the world.

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    Anonymous donated $200 to Rachel for Rwanda
    over 11 years ago
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    Duncan Blackman
    donated $100 to Rachel for Rwanda 
    Editedover 8 years ago

    Simply inspiring. .

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    Robbie Holz donated $10 to Rachel for Rwanda
    over 11 years ago
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    Anonymous donated $25 to Rachel for Rwanda
    over 11 years ago

This campaign brought clean water to Kabaraza (II), Rwanda and 2 other projects.

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