This campaign closed on Feb 29, 2012 Rachel Beckwith brought clean water to Fiankon and 5 other projects.

Rachel Beckwith

Samantha's Wish

organized by Rachel Beckwith

Help Rachel give the gift of clean water. 100% of every donation raised will fund charity: water's work providing access to clean water projects around the world.





Why Rachel Beckwith is fundraising for clean water

Most of you know my daughter Rachel gave up her 9th birthday this year and saw what a huge impact it made. Well, now it's my turn. On January 15th, I'm turning 32 and following in Rachel's footsteps by asking everyone I know to donate whatever they can to my campaign for clean drinking water. Ever little bit counts.

In this holiday season and for my birthday, all I want is to continue Rachel's legacy of giving. I've been so blessed in my life and have seen how amazing it is when you put others needs first. I've met people and read hundreds of stories of how one person's decision to give, rather then receive, inspired them to do the same.

I hope that I can make Rachel proud by making at least a little dent in this world, like she did. I want to make a difference... so I will!

-Samantha Paul

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    Kerry Washburn donated $9 to Samantha's Wish
    over 12 years ago
  • donated $32 to Samantha's Wish 
    Editedover 8 years ago

    I'm glad to help your wish come true.

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    Elena Nyman
    donated $32 to Samantha's Wish 
    Editedover 8 years ago

    I also turned 32 this past January. Happy belated birthday. I will forever be in awe of the power of one simple wish. Blessings!

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    Aaron Matrone
    donated $100 to Samantha's Wish 
    Editedover 8 years ago

    You are an excellent mother to have raised such an amazing daughter. My condolences on your loss.

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    Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
    donated $3,302 to Samantha's Wish 
    Editedover 8 years ago

    On behalf of the Microsoft Minute to Give It event and the following Microsoft employees: Abraham Pachikara,
    Albert Springall,
    Allison Watson,
    Alysa Taylor,
    Alyssa Boyd,
    Amy Husmann,
    Andrea Rubin,
    Angela Crowe,
    Angus Norton,
    Bernardo Alfredo Munoz,
    Blake Barrett,
    Bradley Larsen,
    Brian J. Riseland,
    Candace Netzer,
    Catherine Wilson,
    Charlene Bowman,
    Christine Weston,
    Christy Thaxton,
    Dana Straw,
    Daniel Arroyo,
    David Cunningham,
    David Alexander,
    Derek Cheshire,
    Dina Apostolou,
    Donna Lenart,
    Elizabeth Blaylock,
    Gary C. Cox,
    Gracie Sachs,
    Gretchen O'Hara,
    Jacob Braly,
    James Floyd,
    Jan Binda,
    Jemima Herman,
    Jennifer Rudy,
    Jennifer Branstetter,
    Jill Argo,
    Jill Tennant,
    Jim Skeel,
    Joanna Bichsel,
    Joel Minnick,
    John Flinn,
    Joseph Repetti,
    Julie Sanford,
    Karin Breedis,
    Katherine Visser-May,
    Katherine Westgate,
    Kathleen Winder,
    Kathryn Soligon,
    Kathryn Laas,
    Keith Pranghofer,
    Kyle Cressman,
    Laura LeBlanc,
    Lewis Cheung,
    Lisa Hall,
    Margaret McNicol,
    Maria Fisch,
    Marija Bulatovic,
    Mark Koss,
    Markus Weickenmeier,
    Mary Albanese,
    Mary Perisic,
    Mary Ann Montano,
    Marya S. McCabe,
    Matthew Kestian,
    Matthew Stern,
    Mauricio Cerna,
    Melissa Garris,
    Michael Sculli,
    Michael C. Rawding,
    Michael G. McKay,
    Michele Zerbenski,
    Michelle Westlund,
    Mikin Macwan,
    Monica Robinson,
    Nicole Summitt,
    Pallavi Sebastian,
    Patricia Donnellan,
    Paul Clark,
    Paul Clark,
    Peter Woods,
    Peter Davio,
    Pinar Gorgulu,
    Robert Gustafson,
    Robert Eames,
    Rubeena Masood,
    Sakshi Budhraja,
    Shamiana Soderberg,
    Shane Moore,
    Shannon Stubbs,
    Sheila Johanneson,
    Stefan Damstrom,
    Susan Steele,
    Tina Sanders,
    Tricia Bush,
    Valerie Draper,
    Vanessa Wirth,
    Wilson Conn and
    Yong-Joo Hsiung.

This campaign brought clean water to Fiankon, Côte d'Ivoire and 5 other projects.

Côte d'Ivoire
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